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JKD Vocabulary

Part I - General Terms

Kwoon - School, gym, institute, place of training
Joap Hop - Group together, line up
Jyu Yee - Come to attention
Yu Bay - Ready
Hay, Hey - Begin
Gin Lai - Salute
Jeet - To stop or intercept
Kune - Fist
Jeet Kune Do - Way of the Intercepting Fist
Sifu - Instructor
Simu/Simo - Female Instructor
SiGung - Instructor's Instructor
Sijo - Founder of the system
Don Chi Sao - Single-arm sticking hands
Seong Chi Sao - Double-arm sticking hands
Poon Sao - Rolling arms
Gor Sao - Chi sao sparring
Phon Sao - Trapping hands
Lin Sil Die Dar - Simultaneous defense and attack
Tek - Kick
Jung Seen - Centerline
Ha Da - Low hit
Jung Da - Middle hit
Go Da - High hit
Mook Jong - Wooden Dummy
Sil Lim Tao - First Wing Chun form
Bi Jong, Bai Jong, By Jong - On-guard position
Jee Yao Bok Gik - Freestyle sparring
Fa Kune - Flowery, ineffective style or method

Part II - Specific Strikes

Chung Chuie - Vertical fist
Biu Jee, Bil Jee - Thrusting finger, finger jab
Qua Chuie, Gwa Chuie - Back fist
Oou Chuie - Hook punch
Ping Chuie - Horizontal fist punch
Jin Chuie - Uppercut

Fu Jao - Claw hand strike

Sot Kil - Hammer fist
Choap Chuie - Half-knuckle fist punch
Woang Jeong - Side palm smash
Yun Jeong - Vertical palm smash
Jao Sao - Running hand palm smash, hooking palm smash
Sat Sao - Slicing hand, palm down chop

Jom Sao - Palm up chop
Jik Chung Chuie - Vertical fist blast
Jik Tek - Straight kick
Juk Tek - Side kick
Oou Tek - Hook kick
Hou Tek - Back kick
Juen Tek - Spin back kick
So Tek - Sweep kick (Reverse hook kick)
Dum Tek - Stamp kick
Lin Dum Tek - Cross stamp kick (Oblique kick)

Cup Tek/Kao Tek - Scooping kick
Qua Tek, Gwa Tek - Inverted hook kick
Jeet Tek - Foot obstruction, stop kick
Jeet Da - Stop hit, intercepting hit
Sut Da - Knee strike
Jang Da - Elbow strike

Part III - Defensive Terms

Tan Sao - Palm-up hand
Pak Sao - Slapping hand
Mon Sao - Inquisitive hand, asking hand
Wu Sao - Protective hand
Goang Sao - Low outer wrist block/parry
Boang Sao - Raised elbow deflection, wing arm parry
Fook Sao - Bent-wrist elbow-in parry
Bil Sao, Biu Sao - Thrusting fingers block/parry
Jom Sao - Inward chop block/parry
Jum Sao - Sinking elbow parry
Gaun Sao - Splitting block/parry (uses both arms)
Kwun Sao - Rotating arms block/parry (uses both arms)

Part IV - Trapping Terms

Pak Sao - Slapping hand
Lop Sao - Grabbing hand
Lin Lop Sao - Cross grabbing hand
Tan Sao - Palm-up hand (wedging)
Jut Sao - Jerking hand
Gum Sao - Pinning hand
Jao Sao - Running hand
Huen Sao - Circling hand
Heung Sao - Shoulder trap hand
Man Geng Sao - Neck pulling hand
Lan Sao - Bar arm
Tok Sao - Elbow lifting hand
Cup Sao/Kao Sao - Scooping hand

Part V - Lin Sil Die Dar Terms

Tan Da - Palm-up hand with hit
Woang Pak Da - Cross slap cover with hit
Loy Ha Pak Da - Low inside slap cover with hit
Ouy Ha Pak Da - Low outside slap cover with hit
Fook Da - Arm resting on opponent's with hit
Goang Da - Low outer wrist block/parry with hit
Bil Da, Biu Da - Thrusting fingers block/parry with hit
Boang Da - Wing arm parry with hit

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