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         JEET KUNE D

            COMBAT ARTS

 Chris Robinson has been passionately teaching & studying Martial Arts (Karate, Aikido, Boxing, Judo, Weapons, Wing Chun & Jeet Kune Do) for over 25 years. He has taught at various Martial Arts schools throughout the Fairfield County area, as well as in many private instructions.


 He is a member of The Milford Judo Club under Shihan Kelly and the Stamford Judo Club (formerly -Japan Judo & Aikido) under Masters Chris Angle and Fred Candito. Stamford Judo Club has produced many formidable Judoka's including Olympic Judo medalists, Joseph Wanag. It is well known for its "Friday Fight Nights" which Chris would often attend. He was also a member of the Ash Creek Aikido club, a hardcore garage- style traditional Aikido Dojo.


 His first began his training in the Japanese style of Oyama Kyokushin Karate, ( Same style of and instructors as Actor/ Martial Artist Michael Jai White) then later he studied  Tae Kwon Do and Shotokan Karate earning his Shodan rank - 1st Degree Black Belt


At only 14 years old, he fell in love with the art of Judo and at only 16 years old (after a very highly controversial incident) he defeated a highly ranked Judo instructor and the students then began training with Chris, now as their Sensei and he has been teaching ever since!


He holds the rank of Black Belt in Judo. 


 He began teaching Karate, Boxing, Judo & Aikido principles in his basement and quickly gained additional students and was teaching many of the neighborhood people as well. He began teaching many privates and aquired many more students. He has taught Bouncers, Law enforcement Officers, Security Guards, Correction Officers, Military and many others. 


 As a young teenager he would often get challenged by other teenagers "just because they heard" he studied Martial Arts.


     "You would think that halfway intelligent people wouldn't want to mess with a guy who studied Martial Arts, but it's actually quite the opposite, they seem to always want to fight and test and of course try to hurt you."  CR


 Chris strategically began formatting his Martial Arts training & experience to be more suited for street applications. He taught at many local schools where he was often challenged in "closed door dojo sessions."  


​ Throughout his Martial Arts education, Chris has trained with some of the legendary greats including: 


    Masters:  Shiguru Oyama,  ( same Instructor as Michael Jai White)

                  Judo Grandmaster Sidney Kelly,

                  Shihan Matthew Melisi, and the late great boxing legends, 

                  George Russo and "Tiger" Ted Lowry (who twice went, 10 full rounds with the     legend himself, Rocky Marciano).


  He has trained with & under many other great and Legendary Martial Arts instructors as well.

One of them is Guru/ Master Bill Pavlik who was Paul Vunak's (Progressive Fighting Systems inc.) personal student and friend for over 20 years. Paul Vunak trained under and with Dan Inosanto, Bruce Lee's best friend and top student.


Paul Vunak & Bill Pavlik have taught the United States Navy Seal Team 6 and DEA agents just to name a few. 


  Chris has attended countless training & fighting seminars and has also appeared as a guest instructor in various areas of his own expertise. 


  He is a certified FULL JEET KUNE DO instructor under Sifu/Guru/ Sensei Bill Pavlik.


  He is the author of the book BEYOND the Wooden Dummy and has worked as a stuntman in some motion pictures films and has also been a personal bodyguard to Actor / Martial Arts Master, Steven Seagal. He is also the creator, inventor & designer of The Combat Dummy .


 Chris works professionally in a Law Enforcement career as a Full- time Police Officer with over 15 years of active experience. He has formulated his Martial Arts and Law Enforcement experience and training to be more suited and applicable for real- life situations rather then traditional movements & techniques that may or may not work in actually combat circumstances. 


 He holds multiple Black Belt rankings in Martial Arts, but does not believe entirely in the "belt system" but rather in "the ability to effectively use what you learn for real life street applications, should the need for such ever arise." 


 He has trained in bodybuilding, powerlifting and in strength conditioning for many years as well and has helped many reach and exceed their goals . He really enjoys training and teaching in all areas of Martial Arts, Weightlifting and Overall Fitness & openly shares his knowledge with others because he is very passionate and truly believes in what he is doing.  


 In his spare time Chris enjoys drawing, photography, woodworking, reading and most of all spending time with his family. 



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Early teaching days

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