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Police Officer Chris Robinson receiving "The Police Medal of Merit" 2014


In 2003  Police Officer Chris Robinson received "The Police Combat Cross" for extreme bravery and courage when facing an armed adversary.  


 "In March of 2002, P/O Chris Robinson was pulling a vehicle over on Stratford Avenue and Fifth Street located on the East End of Bridgeport CT. This area is referred to as "Bloody 5th" due to it's propensity for extreme violence. This is a well known area for shooting and homicides. 


 The suspected vehicle in question was observed making numerous illegal narcotics transactions just prior to his approaching. It initially fled from the scene as officers attempted to stop it and a short time later it returned.


 At this time they believed that the suspects dropped off whatever they were running from and that's why they returned. Upon stopping the vehicle for questioning and investigation purposes, P/O Robinson  approached the passenger side of the vehicle and as he did so, he observed the passenger quickly tuck something into the left side of the seat. He ordered for the suspect to show his hands slowly. The suspect kept dropping his left hand, and suddenly reached for a firearm. The suspect then pointed the firearm at him and P/O Chris Robinson fired a round which caused the window to shatter, but making it even harder to see. P/O Robinson retreated backwards to gain cover behind the vehicle and the suspect once again tried to fire at him. P/O Robinson then fired a second shot causing the suspect to throw his gun down and flee on foot. Not knowing where or if the suspect was in fact hit, P/O Robinson began a brief chase on foot and tackled the suspect to the ground. The suspect was found to be shot two times, one in the left forearm from the first round and the second in a major artery of the leg. The firearm was recovered on scene with a live round in the chamber. It appeared that the suspect tried to fire the weapon but something jammed.


 P/O Robinson contributes his "excessive training methods" to his ultimate survival. He stated " I've trained for this and other scenarios over and over again to the point it became muscle memory. I rely on my inner gut and instincts as well as my training. 

 The suspect was charged with 2 felony counts of attempted murder on a police officer, criminal possession of a firearm, carrying a pistol without a permit and other charges.

 P/O Chris Robinson was later awarded from his department with one of the highest awards, the Police Combat Cross for his actions on that night".

Blade & Gun Survival System

Officer Safety Alert: Here is the very first thing I teach and preach:


"Police Officers get hurt and killed because they rely more on their tools, then on their training" ~ CR

Let that sink in a moment. Read it over. 

Now, logically speaking here, would you say someone is fully competent and qualified and could build an entire house, frame, roof etc just because they went out and purchased a hammer, or can wire an entire building because they have a pier of crimpers and a roll of electrical tape, but with no training? - just speaking equipment alone here.

No, it's their knowledge in addition to their training that is most important and with that they use the tools where applicable in their profession based upon their training with the tools. That is what makes a carpenter, a carpenter and an electrician, an electrician. 

So why would you think a Police Officer is any different, just because they have been issued a taser, with a course that is usually less then one full day of training, or a can of pepper spray or a firearm? I often hear Officers say " Oh, I'll just do this if they do that, or more often : " I'll just shoot them if it gets that bad"

That is just ridiculous. Here's a fact: More then 65% of Officers are out of shape, over weight and have stopped training on their own only just 2 years out of academy. Running a treadmill is good exercise but it won't help you fight a man with a knife trying to stab you, or a suspect shooting to kill you. 





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